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"My invitations look great, now what?!"


Here are the pieces of your invitation order:

Invitations: Sheets containing printed copy.

Tissues: Traditional sheet used to cover printing.

Enclosures: Reception card, at home card, map card, respond card and envelope.

Inside(Inner) Envelopes: Slightly smaller envelope with no glue on flap. Color liners optional.

Outside Envelopes: Larger envelope with glue on the flap. These are the ones that you can choose to have the return address printed on the back flap.


1. Fold your invitations

There are single fold or a French fold (requiring two folds). Some styles of invitations will have a cover design, then the invitation will be folded so that the printed copy appears on the inside. If there is no design, the printed copy will appear on the front after it is folded.

2. Assemble the parts of your invitations

After the invitation is folded. the tissue is placed over the printed copy. The tissues must be ordered. The tissues will adhere to each other, so separate carefully - if you run short, do not worry. They are not necessary as they are an old custom dating back to when the printing ink did not dry. Then the invitation, along with the accompanying cards, (the enclosures are placed face down on top of the tissue) is placed in the inside envelope when inserted.

3. The INSIDE envelope is addressed as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Brock - - First names are omitted

With Children:

Mr. and Mrs. Brock

John, Sue and Tim

Children are in order of age. Children over the age of sixteen should receive a separate invitation. (Omitting the children's names infers they are not invited)

4. The OUTSIDE envelope is handwritten and addressed with formal name and complete mailing address.

The inside envelope is placed into the larger outside envelope with the name of the guest facing the back. The outside envelope is then sealed. If you did not have the return address printed on the envelope, you may wish to write out your return address on the flap of the envelope.


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